Handy 91, third episode of the saga, Interpret a daring hand that evolves in smooth scenery.
And solve complex plots by combining tact and agility.

This game was made for the Game Jam 2091 "Make games from the year 2091".
This is a game from the future, I don't think people from the present can play it.

Made by Léon 2022 with p5.js in ~2 days.

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handy91.zip 653 kB


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This was a clever game experience. Thanks for creating it (and other tools such as imgm as well)

Will you consider updating this game in 2091 to have more content?

If rings/gloves controllers really become a thing, I will definitely make a playable version of this game. no sure I’ll be alive in 2091 tho (’<_ ’

Hi, thanks for participating to Game Jam 2091. Can you upload the source code of the game so it can be included in the digital time capsule?

Hi, thanks for hosting the jam. I uploaded the source code.


Very nice, I enjoyed not playing the game